Thursday, June 26, 2008

World Gujarati Conference 2008 in Newjersey, USA.

Event :- World Gujarati Conference 2008
Date :- 29-31 August , 2008
Place :- New Jersey
Organiser : Association of Indian Americans in North America (AIANA)

The Event is organised to to motivate the Gujarati youth born in America ( US ) and let them know about What is Gujarat. What is Gujarati Culture. And Feel Proud Being Gujarati. The Youth will be informed that the Gujarat is not what they see in Hindi Cinema. Portrayal of Gujaratis in popular Hindi movies had created a stereotypical image of Gujarat. But Gujarat is More than that. Gujarat is a Land of Opportunities. Gujarat is a Land Of Entrepreneurs whose names figure in the Fortune 500 companies.

For More Information :- Official Event Website :


At 05 August, 2008 20:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the World Gujarati Conference 2008. Our family is staying at the Edison Courtyard by Marriott cause it's real close to the convention. This is going to be so great!

At 15 August, 2008 06:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like another commercial show wrapped under the disguise of Gujarati conference.


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