Wednesday, April 06, 2016

WestIndies is a Champion

Not because they won the t20 worldcup in thriller match in which a tailender hit four consecutive sixes in last over of the match when they needed 19 runs to win. Ofcourse they are world champion in t20 format. That too 2nd time. The reason I call them champion is not because of this wins. I call them champion for their fight against the circumstances. Had they not won, the world could not have come to know about the plight of west-indies team. When captain Darren Sammy began his speech, no one knew what he is going to share is one of the modern motivating story for many. Only after his speech we realized the spirit behind the song CHAMPION which has been routine dance number for their team during t20 worldcup.

According to the bowling coach  Curtly Ambrose the team always had the belief that as long as the target was mathematically possible they could chase it. Now this supports their decision to bat 2nd in most of the matches. And they proved their chasing skills in semifinal and final.

So...a team which is not qualified for upcoming mini world-cup wins the t20 world-cup.
Amazing isn't it ? Who cares !!! West Indies is a Champion !!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Delhi's Odd-Even Rule. Let us appreciate the idea.

Many people have not only criticized but ridiculed odd-even vehicle formula being applied in Delhi. What I believe is, Delhi govt lead by Kejriwal and team had some new way to tackle the pollution situation no matter how ridiculous it may seem to us. Now, we only share quotes like.....'A new problem requires new solution'. When someone wants apply new solution, why it must not be given a try ? The govt itself said that it is a temporary experiment and if doesn't work, will roll-it back. Even if the idea fails or any chaos is created, at-least take a break and think you they trying out something. If not this then other idea may work. If not other then another idea would work.

If you have a better idea then get it heard and implemented. I will give thumbs up to Kejriwal team for this particular matter. (I am BJP voter)

For once let us put aside Kejriwal, his party, Delhi  and think about  our own city. Global warming is not an outside voice, it is an echo of our own sound which is gonna haunt us. While writing this I am just counting how much damage I may have made to the environment till now and what course of action I have taken till now to compensate it ? Some ideas require public participation. We have been part of problem. Let us be part of solution. Support the good initiatives taken with good intentions regardless of the political party you support. Critisize them for their wrongdoings but support them for good things they do. Cheers !!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

JOBAKA - Gujarati MEMES gone Viral

Rarely it happens, and it happened. Gujarati MEMEs themed #jobaka have gone viral on Whatsapp, Facebook and twitter. What started as a single poster 'Jobaka taklif to rehvani' was taken to the next level when number of webapps were developed which enabled Gujarati people to generate more such MEMEs on their own. Yours truly also tried a few. (Used Photoshop and not any web application). 

I am sharing a few of them......

Friday, February 21, 2014

Har Hath Lollypop Har Hath Revadi

What a spoof of  Rahul Gandhi's Recent ad campaign '“Kattar Soch Nahi, Yuva Josh”. Interesting to see that the creators of this video has not kept credit lines for themselves ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It is not about being 'Slave'

Almost all news papers and new websites across the world are talking about the famous Facebook Whatsapp deal with their own perceptions and understanding. Few local newspapers obviously covered it. Being an advertising professional and curious learner of communication in general as well, I observe the headlines of various new stories and advertisements regularly. I happened to see the following update from Sandesh News paper today on facebook.

The headline reads : "Whatsapp to be Facebook's Slave". 

I know that the news story writer wanted to be creative and he surely catched eyeballs, the headline surely talks about the writer's mindset here. Working for someone here has always been considered as a slavery. I don't blame them for that and don't want to get into why they talk so about working for someone.

I would like to share some text from Mark Zuckerburg's message after he signed the famous deal....

" WhatsApp had every option in the world, so I’m thrilled that they chose to work with us. I’m looking forward to what Facebook and WhatsApp can do together, and to developing great new mobile services that give people even more options for connecting.

I've also known Jan for a long time, and I know that we both share the vision of making the world more open and connected. I'm particularly happy that Jan has agreed to join the Facebook board and partner with me to shape Facebook's future as well as WhatsApp's.

Jan and the WhatsApp team have done some amazing work to connect almost half a billion people. I can't wait for them to join Facebook and help us connect the rest of the world."

Original Source could have been taken into consideration by a true journalist to understand what they are considering a slavery is actually about being partners in achieving a common vision by like minded people.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gujarati Social Networking Website :

Sanket Joshi, Son of Veteran Gujarati poet Anil Joshi has created a Gujarati Social Networking Website, ( Powered with opensource platform 'NING' ). It is delighting to see someone setting up a website where Gujarati speaking netizens including hobbyist  amateur and professional writers and poets come together. I just created account on it as one friend insisted me to do so. While I am not avid literature follower, I love writing and conversing in my mother tongue. is just launched and it has 2000+ members in a month thanks to systematic one to one marketing done amongst Gujarati community on Facebook. While the initiative is noble, and creator should be applauded for that, I feel they need to work very hard on user interface, and quality content flow. It has to have some USP in order to retain old members and attract new members. Let's hope that the website will be improved with the time and people will start posting quality content :)  Best Wishes to Sanket Joshi and his team :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PROJECT 82 : Ad Campaign Making Competition

Inviting Creative professionals,students,academicians and all to form a team and participate in 82 hours AD CAMPAIGN MAKING COMPETITION !!!

                              COMPETITION Ad as published in today's Divya Bhaskar

Is your Antarnaad saying you have Creative Writing Ability..?
You can make a Peppy Jingle..?
You can make anyone Act..?
You can create your own fashion Merchandise..?
Do you think you can help brands communicate with their audience…?
Then HURRY.. PROJECT 82 has come..  Get yourself registered to take a ride of 82 hours in the world of Marketing and Advertising... Think…Organize…Run…Shoot…Edit…Create…do as you like but bring your idea alive.

Register Your Team :
Form your Creative Team upto 10 members consisting copy writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers/cinematographers, actors from any Profession.
Get it registered on or before 15th January, 2013. on

Qualifying round:
You will be given a brand brief for which you need to come up with Radio Jingle and Print Ad & get qualification for the Final Round. The brief will be available on this website on 16th jan 2013 6 p.m. . You will have to submit your entries before 17th jan 2013 10 p.m. through UPLOAD OPTION available on your team profile, on the website. Top 100 teams will move to Final competition.

There is no participation fee for qualifying round. However, teams reaching final round will have to pay Rs2500/- by either using online banking facility or sending Demand Draft.

Final competition:
Project Brief will be given to all teams on Opening Ceremony. You will have to create and submit an advertising campaign for two different Products in  just 82 Hours. One TVC, One Print Ad, One Radio Jingle & Two Merchandise for each brand.

Rewards & Recognition :

(A) Best Teams :

1. Best Team : Rs 100,000
2. First runnerup : Rs 50,000
3. 2nd runnerup : Rs 20,000

(B) Individual Campaign category:

1. Best Communication Idea Brand 1 : Rs. 10,000
2. Best Communication Idea Brand 2 : Rs. 10,000

(C) Creative category : ( One prize for each )

1. Print : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
2. Radio : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
3. TVC : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
4. Merchandise :Gifthampers : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000

The Best Team will be chosen on basis of total points it secures from all the judges for both the campaigns.

-  It is possible that particular team get more than 1 reward.

Contest Starts on :  10 a.m. on 24th Jan, 2013.
Project Submission deadline: 8 p.m. on 27th Jan, 2013.
Award Ceremony: 3rd February, 6 p.m.

For more details visit :