Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gujarat Election : Election commissioner bans Bulk SMS

The Election commissioner has banned bulk text (SMS) messaging by political parties & their members to voters in the 48 hour period before start of voting in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Indian Political parties started using IT and Mobile as a medium to spread their message to common man during LOKSABHA 2004 elections. They contact direct marketing agencies & send bulk messages at very low cost. But they wont be able to do in last 48 hours before the Gujarat election in December. Will they loose ?

I think no. The actual losers will be Telecom companies. Although they had to agree with Election commissioner , they have loose good revenue source. For political parties it should not be a big issue. Bulk SMS was one of the Communication mediums being used by Political parties like BJP & Congress. They are using websites , bulk emails , Social Networking sites like Orkut , Youtube , forums which can not be banned by Election commissioner.

One thing I don't understand is Do people vote on the basis of what they hear or read in 48 hours before the election or what the opinion they have developed on the basis of what they have seen & experienced in last 5 years ?

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Manoj kumar offended by om shanti om

The Legendary actor Manoj Kumar is not happy with the way the Shahrukh & company has made fun of him in the Movie
Om Shanti Om.

Om shanti Om has 2 parts. 1st part is about Bollywood in 1970. In that part it is shown that some security guards stops Manoj kumar ( duplicate ) & don't allow him to enter the theater because Manoj kumar has having his hand on his face. The security guards ask for proof then Manoj kumar( duplicate ) shows him license card in which also he is having hand on his face.Shahrukh khan was successful getting 31 stars in for a song in Om Shanti Om. But the Veteran actor felt bad & planning to sue the Makers of Om Shanti Om.

They have also made fun of Surah Barjatya of Rajashri Production. In One scene they show that young Suraj Barjatya in 1970 is standing outside the tent of Shahrukh khan & Deepika Padukone & note down the dialogues & uses them in his blockbuster movie Maine Pyar Kiya. The dialogues were "Dosti ka ek ussul hai. No sorry. No Thank You " , " Dosti ki hai to Nibhani to Padegi ".

Will Suraj Barjatya join Manoj kumar ?


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Online Mock CAT test for MBA aspirants

Around 230,000 MBA aspirants are waiting for 18th November 2007. Common Admission Test (CAT for IIMs) — one of the most competitive exams in the world is going to be conducted this week. They are ready to prove their caliber on d-day. Time is to stop learning new things & revise what you have learned till today. All the nationwide MOCK CAT tests conducted by leading CAT Coaching classes completed last Sunday. However You have a chance to give Free Online Mock CAT. You can take free test from following websites. All the Best.

Free Mock CAT test for MBA aspirants :
Mock CAT Test - 1
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Mock CAT Test - 3
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Mock CAT Test - 5

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Send scraps in hindi on Orkut

orkut offers an automatic transliteration option in the scrapbook that converts Roman characters to the Devanāgarī characters used in Hindi. This lets you type Hindi words phonetically in English script and still have them appear in their correct alphabet.

orkut uses Unicode to encode the Hindi characters in your scrap. Unicode is a system of representing text and symbols that's supported by all modern browsers and operating systems.
Click here to know More


Om Shanti Om Movie Review

it goes like this....

Om makhija ( SRK ) a Junior film artist loves a Superstar Actress Shantipriya ( Deepika Padukone ) & dreams to marry her.
( Har Hindi Movie ki tarah. .... )

Om makhija wants to become superstar & want to win Filmfare award.
( Har koi bada aadmi banna chahta hai ..... )

One fine day Om makhija enters Shantipriya's makeup room & listens talk between Shantipriya & Mukeh Mehra ( Arjun Rampal ). Shanti to Arjun Rampal :- " Tum Mittal ki ladki se shadi nahi kar sakte , kyu ki tumne mujse shadi ki hai . Mein tumhare bachhe ki maa banne wali hu " . Yeh sunke Apna Om makhija tut jata hai jaise Earthquake me makan tut jate hai. Mukesh Mehra dont want the world to know about their marriage & tries to kill her. Apna Hero Om makhja tries his best to save the heroin , but sadly both are killed.
( Har Hindi Movie ki tarah. .... )

Om Makhija dies & reborn as OM Kapoor.
( Karan arjun ki tarah )

Om makhija who is now Om kapoor, becomes super star .
( Subhash ghai ki Karz ki tarah )

Om makhija ki ma thinks Om kapoor is his son Om makhija who looks same as his son. & Shouts " tu mera beta Om hai. "
( Karan arjun ki Rakhi ki tarah )

On day in his birthday party , he meets Mukesh mehra & agle janam ki yaad aa jati hai . This is the guy who killed her Shanti & Himself. Now Om wants to take revenge .
( Subhash ghai ki Karz ki tarah )

Om makes a plan to restart the production of the movie Om Shanti Om which was stopped due to the death of Shanti. Mukesh Mehra Agrees. Om starts auditions for heroin for the Movie Om shanti Om. He wants a girl who looks like Shanti ( Deepika padukone ). He finds Sandy who is carbon copy of Shanti. Only face ha. Not style.

While preparing sandy to act like Shanti , Om shouts at Sandy that why she is not serious. " Mein tujme shantioriya dekhna chahta hu ".
( Dil to Pagal Hai..... Mein tujme Maya dekna chahta hu )

Om prepares Sandy very well to scare Mukesh Mehra. Some incidents take place after which
Mukesh mehra starts believing that there is a ghost of Shantipriya . Om thinks that Mukesh Mehra will be scared of this & will confess his crime publicly . But that does not happen. Mukesh mehra find outs that she is not a Ghost but the duplicate of Shanti.

In the end , na jane kaha se Deepika ka Sachha Bhoot Aa jata hai.
A ghost kills her Murderer .
( Bis saal Bad ki Dimple kapadia ki tarah ).

Kaisi lagi Farah Khan ki Khichdi ?

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Makemytrip Advertisement Video

Makemytrip Advertisement Video

A girl is teaching her brother .

Girl :- Chidiya Udi ?
kid :- Udi
Girl :- Mena udi ?
kid :- Udi
Girl :- Tota uda ?
kid :- Udi.
Girl : Udi anhi udaa.
Kid : udaaa.
Girl : Hmmm. Parot uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Chidiya Udi ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Uda nahi udi.
Kid : Udi.
Girl : hmmm. Mor uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Car udi ?
Kid : .........
Girl : Chill udi ?
Kid : Udi
Girl : Peacock uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Parrot uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Train Udi ?
Kid : ........
Girl : Bus udi ?
Kid : ........
Girl : Scooter uda ?
Kid : ........
Girl : Dhobi uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Sabjeewala uda ?
Kid : Uda.
Girl : Mali uda ?
Kid : Uda
Girl : Nikhil uda ?
Kid : Uda
Girl : Postman uda ?
Kid : Uda
Girl : Ashi udi ?
Kid : udi.
Girl : Preety udi ?
Kid : Udi
Girl : Himanshu uda ?
Kid : Uda uda uda.

I have used four colours to categories this advertising copy in 4 parts. Can anyone tell me what this 4 parts are about ?

Nice work by