Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PROJECT 82 : Ad Campaign Making Competition

Inviting Creative professionals,students,academicians and all to form a team and participate in 82 hours AD CAMPAIGN MAKING COMPETITION !!!

                              COMPETITION Ad as published in today's Divya Bhaskar

Is your Antarnaad saying you have Creative Writing Ability..?
You can make a Peppy Jingle..?
You can make anyone Act..?
You can create your own fashion Merchandise..?
Do you think you can help brands communicate with their audience…?
Then HURRY.. PROJECT 82 has come..  Get yourself registered to take a ride of 82 hours in the world of Marketing and Advertising... Think…Organize…Run…Shoot…Edit…Create…do as you like but bring your idea alive.

Register Your Team :
Form your Creative Team upto 10 members consisting copy writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers/cinematographers, actors from any Profession.
Get it registered on or before 15th January, 2013. on http://www.project82.in

Qualifying round:
You will be given a brand brief for which you need to come up with Radio Jingle and Print Ad & get qualification for the Final Round. The brief will be available on this website on 16th jan 2013 6 p.m. . You will have to submit your entries before 17th jan 2013 10 p.m. through UPLOAD OPTION available on your team profile, on the website. Top 100 teams will move to Final competition.

There is no participation fee for qualifying round. However, teams reaching final round will have to pay Rs2500/- by either using online banking facility or sending Demand Draft.

Final competition:
Project Brief will be given to all teams on Opening Ceremony. You will have to create and submit an advertising campaign for two different Products in  just 82 Hours. One TVC, One Print Ad, One Radio Jingle & Two Merchandise for each brand.

Rewards & Recognition :

(A) Best Teams :

1. Best Team : Rs 100,000
2. First runnerup : Rs 50,000
3. 2nd runnerup : Rs 20,000

(B) Individual Campaign category:

1. Best Communication Idea Brand 1 : Rs. 10,000
2. Best Communication Idea Brand 2 : Rs. 10,000

(C) Creative category : ( One prize for each )

1. Print : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
2. Radio : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
3. TVC : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000
4. Merchandise :Gifthampers : Gifthampers Worth Rs 5,000

The Best Team will be chosen on basis of total points it secures from all the judges for both the campaigns.

-  It is possible that particular team get more than 1 reward.

Contest Starts on :  10 a.m. on 24th Jan, 2013.
Project Submission deadline: 8 p.m. on 27th Jan, 2013.
Award Ceremony: 3rd February, 6 p.m.

For more details visit : http://www.project82.in


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