Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tweets on Gagan Narang winning Bronze Medal at London Olympics 2012

Olympic bronz medal winner Indian shooter Gagan Narang

Ending the chain of disappointment news of Indian olmpians being defeated at London Olympics games, Gagan Narang made India proud by winning Bronze medal in Men's 10 mtr Air Rifle. As soon as he ended third in the final, praises and congratulations wishes started pouring in from celebrities and Indian fans from all over the world. Let us have look at some interesting tweets....
As the euphoria subsides, Gagan Narang will be singing to himself: "Medal da rang vekh ke, ankhiyan jo hanju rul de" #olympic

Milagrow to launch tablets named after Olympic medalist, Gagan Narang

Gagan Narang is trending uptil now. He deserves much more.

Congratulations to Gagan Narang for winning India’s First gold 2012 Olympic Medal! Thanks for making India Feel UP!

I hope the government of India rewards Gagan Narang by letting him practice on Ajmal Kasab soon.

Wow! The first medal. Proud of Gagan Narang! Played like a true champion. Two more events for him. Sure he'll follow up with a gold!

Congratulations to Gagan Narang for getting the 1st medal for India in olympics 2012. u have made the whole nation proud.

Loud cheer for Gagan Narang for bringin India 1st medal Huge moment finaly at the podium Hard luck Bindra U r still a champ

Anyone who has a problem with the bronze is welcome to have a chat with Gagan Narang at 10 meters.

BREAKING: Manmohan Singh Gave a Blank Call to Gagan Narang to Congratulate him

He is a Hunter And they Want To See his Gun. When he Pulls It Out Boy The Opponents Start To Run. Congrats Gagan Narang

I am happy that Gagan Narang is a top trend in India right now. It is rare to see a non cricketer take that spot. Olympics fevers is here!

Beijing gold medallist Abhinav Bindra fails to qualify in 10 m air rifle but Gagan Narang is through #Olympics

Gagan Narang is the real 'Ten'dulkar.

Yaar humare Gagan Narang ki toh nikal paadi...:) Aie dhickyaoon dhichkyaoon!! - Suruchi

Let's Hope the other athletes gets inspired by it because we need more heroes like Gagan Narang.

One more on Gagan Narang - the man's got a gun (phonetically speaking) in his name. Right?

After watchin Gagan Narang being showered with Gold for his Bronze.. Michael Phelp has applied for Indian Citizenship.

Indian advertising has found a new face in Gagan Narang #olympics

Here is Amul's tribute to Gagan Narang who did us all proud by winning bronze at #London #Olympics 2012

@htTweets: Ajay Maken congratulates Gagan Narang, offers IAS job in SAI http://read.ht/QGu #ht #olympics”

IAS? If Ajay Maken would have said IPS, it would have been somewhat relevant to Gagan Narang.

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