Friday, December 30, 2011

Ahmedabad Marathon 2011 in photos

Last year I missed it. But this time I made it sure that I am running for Ahmedabad Marathon. Me and some friends registered for 7 km Ahmedabad Dream run. The marathon category with shortest distance :D Though it was Dream RUN it was mix of run+walk+photography. We reached the marathon venue, at the exact time the run was about to start. We saw huge crowd on the ground cheering, shouting, enjoying. Djs playing patriotic songs & creating the MAAHOL. Being a photographer, you are expected to carry camera to such events and share the moments with others. So Here I go.......

Photo : We salut the spirit of Amdavad ( Ahmedabad )

Photo : A banner showing Direction to partipants of "Ahmedabad Dream run"

Photo : A band of kids playing music on the other side of the road

Photo : I succeeded in taking a candid pic of Marathon runner at Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : School kids displaying the SMILEY and SMILES :)

Photo : The confident special participant of Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : A female santa distributing sweets and gifts to child during Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : Dhum Dhum Dhum

Photo : Many anna supporters were had participated in Ahmedabad Marathon 2011
They used this event to spread awareness by wearing the cap "Hu Anna chhu" ( I am Anna ) and waving Indian flag

Photo : The tired participants getting relaxed

Photo : Senior citizens participant

Photo : Found Rj Dhvanit from Radio Mirchi taking bytes from Participants.

Photo : Medican van was put by Ahmedabad municipal corporation to distribute glucose water and provide immidiet first aid services to participant during marathon

Photo : Young marathoners taking rest

Photo : The DJ party after Marathon

IPS and Mount Everester Atul Karval motivating the Special participants of Ahmedabad marathon 2011

Photo : Rj Megha from Radio Mirchi

Photo : Getting relaxed after Marathon.

This was my first ever marathon experience and I enjoyed it. Next year I am planning to register for Half Marathon. Hope so :D


At 02 January, 2012 22:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is our Gujarat our proud This is wonderful pics of Ahmedabad Marathon 2011. Gujarat running Gujarat has race race for booming this is the proof.

Vande Gujarat Vande Mataram.

From Bharat Sachania & Family London.


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