Saturday, October 02, 2010

Social network and Online Moral Policing

While we know what “moral policing” is and we are well acquainted with the duties of “moral police”. They now have a new branch called “The Social network and Online Moral Polices”.

They Have Problems with...

(1) You spending (Wasting) Lots of time on Internet.

Now who will decide how much time should I spend on internet ? Being online can be a casual activity for them but not for me. If you find a doctor in the clinic for long time, it does not mean that he is a patient and admitted there. It is his workplace.

I am into online business. It is obvious that I will be spending more time online compared to a normal internet user. Of course some friends are just curious about “me” being online almost whole the day and they do ask me about it. But they don't dominate me and ask me to not to spend much time online. They ask it just out of curiosity and they care for me. That’s acceptable!

(2) You having too many friends in your network on social networking websites
like facebook , twitter , orkut and many more.

I never knew that meeting new people and making new friends is a crime. If I look at my 900+friends list on Facebook , half of it is consists of my school friends , BBA friends , MBA friends , my MBA professors , my computer classes friends , my neighbours , my employees my business associates, my cousins, my photography friends and the list continues. Should I refrain from adding them, just because the “friend list count” is on a rise?

I am an entrepreneur, an online marketer, an amateur photographer, a blogger and an event enthusiast. When I have diverse interests and meet a lot of people from different areas offline, it is apparent that many of them will be in my online list too. On a daily basis, I receive around 5-10 friend requests on Facebook and I accept requests from genuine profiles. In the end, is it a crime if it increases my friends count ? And guys these are Social Networking Sites. Social Networking. (is anyone listening?)

(3) You make a single post on Facebook and people rush in to like and comment
on your post.

I think, these guys just don't get the idea of Web 2.0 and Social media. You make a post to convey something. If people like it, they show it! Why do you dislike it ?

If they think they want to comment, they don't need to wait for your permission. It is a social forum. If people making vulgar posts, sharing porn links, talking antisocial things, then one can understand you dislike. But why on earth you are criticizing people just because they are more active on social network and having network of people who want to converse? They have problem with the quantity of comments. It is obvious that if I have big network, I will get more comments.

Now, adding people in your network and not communicating is not a good idea. Isn't it ?
For once, it may look like foolish to make a blog post on such a non issue, but sometimes being silent does not help either.


At 03 October, 2010 10:50 , Blogger Sonali Dalal said...

People who comment,should read article in Sunday Times (times of India supplement) about how social networking helps people in time of difficulty.

At 03 October, 2010 11:01 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@Sonali aunty :

Yup. But they just don't understand what social networking is all about. They have certain rules like...
Observe and not comment , those who comment are jobless people. One should not have more than 200 friends. Good for them. but they should not impose their idiotic views / rules on others.

At 03 October, 2010 11:12 , Blogger Sonali Dalal said...

agree Paras. If they do not comment they miss out on good ,healthy interaction. But my one question to you & other regular net-workers.. Why do one needs to justify one's presence on social networking website? it is none of anyone's business to monitor other people's activity. Better to ignore such people. One more thing,how do anyone know how much time you spend on internet unless they also spend that much time on internet and police your activities.

At 03 October, 2010 11:16 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@sonali aunty :

Very true.

But when the flow of such comments increase you need to clear it once.

At 03 October, 2010 11:20 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

They use Social networking sites
and comments to critise social networking sites and comments.


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