Sunday, August 02, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Many people don't agree with the concept of celebrating friendship day and all by saying that Friendship is evergreen and it should not be restricted to one day.I respect their views but I have my own views for the same. In this blog post I want to thank some people and acknowledge them for being special in my life. And I see nothing wrong in it. And it is definitely better than spoiling your relations for money on Sach Ka Samna. :D

Here I go ......

Orkut Friends:-

Disha Bhatt , Kiran bhai , Riddhi Doshi , Tejas Dixit and Milind Bhai and others of Ahmedabad Orkut Meet group

Orkut is just time pass website ? Not for me. These are the people who have become part of my life. We became friends through Orkut.

PaGalGuY Friends:

Abhishek Shah:
We came to know each other on when He got admission at ICFAI Business School, Gurgaon while I made it to ICFAI Business School Chennai and Pune Branch. He Joined IBS. But I did not join IBS due to some reasons. But guess our relationship did not end there thanks to Gtalk. On Gtalk we discussed a lot about MBA, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Web 2 and some nonsense till 3 am many times during last 3 years.

He is the person jis ke sath pichle 3 saal me meine sabse jyada baatein ki hai.And Guess what? We have not met face to face yet. Still we know each other a lottttttt.... This is one of the best examples of how powerful a virtual friendship can be.

Rani Das , Isha Gupta and Haresh Mandani : My besties on Pagalguy :) love you puys :)

MBA Friends:

Purvish Shah :
We share a special Relationship.You naughty people dont think it other way. We both are totally different but still the same. We are different in nature, philosophies we follow and dealing with people. (Remember Rajkumar and Nana Patekar of Tiranga ? ) But we had the same perspective towards MBA. We shared the same passions i.e. to Standup for the truth and be yourself. Never say die and Do something worthwhile during your MBA other than bookish study.
If there was anyone who came to my mind while taking the initiative for Protsahan ,He was purvish. The Honour Respected Dr. Mahendra Sharma gave to me and Purvish during Our Farewell Party is my best achievement and happiest moment of my MBA life. Purvish , It could not be possible without you.

Nishith Agarwal And Amrita Mashar:
Very good friends , My Moral Boosters and The ones who stood by me in tough time in last 2 years.

Vrinda, Abhishek and Usha :
We hardly used to talk to each other inside college. But we had the moments of our life during the journey from Ahmedabad to Kherva and Kherva to Ahmedabad in Tata Sumo for 1 year. :)

Pooja jain :
A junior at VMPIM ,One of the no-nonsense person at VMPIM who I actually loved to talk to.

School Friends :
Harshal , Vikram , Umesh , Ankit , Hiren , Raju.
Only one sentence. They are my life.

And My Family ..... My Mummy , Papa and sweet sister are my best friends on the earth.

These are the people who are special to me , with whom i can be myself. Friends , Be with me as always you have been. Have a very happy Friendship Day!!!


At 03 August, 2009 00:07 , Blogger Where thoughts are Word$ said...



Thank you sooooooooo muchhhh!!


Wishing you too a very happy friendship day... ^_^

At 03 August, 2009 00:13 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

thanks you disha :)

At 03 August, 2009 10:39 , Blogger Purvish Shah said...

Thanks so much......

At 05 August, 2009 13:47 , Anonymous a said...

thanks a lot paras... you are one of my best frnd at vmpim.

At 05 August, 2009 13:47 , Anonymous amrita said...

thanks a lot paras... you are one of my best frnd at vmpim.

At 07 August, 2009 20:24 , Blogger Jobberdesk said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 07 August, 2009 22:14 , Blogger Haresh said...

Thankoo thankoo :sigh:

Take care :)

At 08 August, 2009 16:13 , Blogger Abhishek Shah said...

we meet soon ;-) thank a lot you are so sweet,makes me think of when u get married and how lucky your wife would be - hehe am gone nuts truly


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