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Kevi rite Jaish - An Urban Gujarati Film

Poster of upcoming urban gujarati film "Kevi rite Jaish"
"Aavi filmo bau pehla aavva jevi hati" ( Films like these should have been produced and released long ago ) was the response of my friend to whom I showed the trailer of "Kevi rite Jaish". His initial reply was like ....Gujarati film na trailer ma shu jovanu  ( What to see in trailer of Gujarati film ? ). Such behavior of him did not surprise me. The general gujarati audience shares the same views about the Gujarati films thanks to the low grade films have been made in the past.

Gujarati film industry never grew up with the time and the film makers continued to make very low quality films (?)  with no novelty, same old subjects and location, setups and starcast. Film makers did not try to make films that appeal to today's generation and only concentrated on certain segment of the audience. ( I don't mind it )

Film makers like Aarti patel, Ashish Kakkad, Naitik Raval and others have tried to change the scenario. I watched Ashish Kakkad's "Better half" ek simple gujarati film in Wideangle multiplex. Ashish bhai's initiative motivated young film makers from Ahmedabad and mumbai to make gujarati films for urban audience. Naitik raval ( Mumbai ) made 'CHAR' which went on to win few awards at Transmedia gujarati film awards. Adhikari brothers of SABTV also produced a decent gujarati film "Janmdata" with Hiten kumar as a lead actor. The cast also included Mona thiba and Hitu kanodia.

After these films it was turn of Cineman Productions ltd to make "Kevi rite Jaish" . I came to know about the film project way back in October 2011 when one of the team members of the film approached me for still photography. Though this could not be worked out , I got a strong feeling that this film is going to make difference as I came to know about the team and star cast ( Anang desai, Kenneth desai, Tom alter, Rakesh bedi, Rita bhaduri and others ). Two days back when they released trailer of the film on you tube, I said Bingo. Though I am not involved in the project, I am just very much happy about the support and response the film is receiving on social media sites like Facebook and youtube even before it is released. 

'URBAN GUJARATI AUDIENCE' which was previously ignored and taunted by low grade film makers that Gujarati people don't love their mother tongue need to checkout the reaction of the same audience for the film "Kevi rite jaish". They need to see how audience themselves have taken ownership of the film and spreading word about it everywhere. Instead of putting blame on the audience, they should learn from the young film makers that first you need to have right product ( good film ), good music, great promotion activities with right positioning strategy to make it clear to the audience that you are different from those who make Gujarati films only to avail subsidy from Gujarat government. Get it released in multiplex where the urban audience go to watch the film. Seeing the response of people  I hope the film will be super duper hit and will set the new trend and motivate other film makers to do the right thing. :)

Watch the trailer :

The catchy gujarati song "Pankhida re udi jaje America re..Obama ne jai ne kehje Visa aape re" composed by Surat based composer friend Mehul surti and sung by bollywood singer Suraj jagan is already famous.I also liked the song "Kon Kona hisabo tapase". 

While the release date of "Kevi rite jaish" is not announced yet, I am eagerly waiting to watch this film with my family and friends in the multiplex. I also request all Gujarati people to go to multiplex and garland the team with success they deserve.:)

Aey haaaalo :)


At 06 May, 2012 21:11 , Blogger Unknown said...

Seems very impressive Promo...! All the Best for Good going of the film...!

At 06 May, 2012 21:13 , Blogger Unknown said...

Promo, Team and Subject ... all seems impressive. All the Best for good going !

At 07 May, 2012 13:45 , Blogger Unknown said...

bingo man! Very good post about a (hopefully) game changer movie.
Aye haalo :)

At 22 May, 2012 09:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So latest news is that Gujarati film industry is renovating itself. The young bridged of Gujarat shows hope. I am very impressed by the trailer of kevi rite jaish. Thanks for sharing.

At 22 May, 2012 14:12 , Blogger kurpa said...

really impressive...out of typical gujju to sure jova jais...:P


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