Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ads from Multiple Google Adsense Publisher Accounts is Allowed

Yesterday I told about Google adsense video units launch in India. Today There is One more Good News for Google Adsense Users. Google Adsense on its blog has officially announced that Ads from Multiple Google Adsense Publisher Accounts is on same web page / website / blog is allowed.

For example , If a blog or website is run by 3 people. They can put adsense ads on particular website / blog with 3 different adsense Publisher accounts.

However it should be kept in mind that the maximum no. of ads on single page should be according to google adsense policy.

Tribute to Mohammed Rafi Sahab

I pay Tribute to The Legend Mohammed Rafi sahab on his Death Anniversary.
Sir Your Melodious voice will be alive in our heart for ever.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Google Adsense video ads now in India

Google has launched Video ads in India. Now any Indian Adsense user can put Video ads on his blog / website.

MNI has put up a Horizontal Video bar on top

Clicking on Any of the videos will open Video Player which has Google Adsense ads embedded in it.

How to add Google Videoa Units Ad on blog or website ?
Step 1 : Login into your Google Adsense Account
Step 2 : Click on Adsense Setup
Step 3 : Find ' Video Units' - Add YouTube partner's video content to Your Website, and earn extra revenue.

Step : 4 Find ' I understand and agree that as part of the Video units program, I will be receiving non-advertising video content in addition to advertising content, and that all content received and payments made to me through the Video units program are subject to the AdSense '
Check that box and Click on 'Get started with Video Units'

Step : 5 Submit your Youtube login to use Google Adsense Video ads on your website. IF you don't have free Youtube account yet , register it.

Step 6 : Submit the required details.

Step 7 : Done. You can create code for Videos ads that you feel is best for your website / blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jhar khand blast

July 27 2008

Now a blast in Jhar khand. At least five persons were injured in a bomb blast near a bus stand in Godda on Sunday, police said. NDTV News

Live bombs found in Surat civil hospital

27 july 2008.
2 live bombs was found in a Surat .
Areas : Surat Civil Hospital - Trauma Centre , Citi light residential area.
Bombs defused by police.
Source : Aajtak

More update soon.

Bomb Blast in Ahmedabad

Today serial Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat have created terror all over India. Till now 17 bomb blasts have been reported. More than 100 people have injured and 17 died. Most probably this is feared to be the the Biggest Ever Terrorist Attack in India.

The affected areas are Maninagar Chowk , Raipur , Bapunagar Diamond Market , Isanpur , Narol , Naroda , Juhapura.Saharanpur , Jawahar Naga the Old part of Ahmedabad City. Bomb blast in Civil Hospital , LG Hospital has also been reported. Civil hospital of Ahmedabad is the Biggest Hospital of Asia. One of the blasts occurred inside an AMTS bus. The Terrorists have targeted Sabji Mandis , Hospitals , Bus stands.

Cycles were probably used to plant the bombs, G K Parmar, Joint commissioner of Ahmedabad city police, told

These were well planned attacks. The last 3 blasts were at the hospitals where the victims were being taken.

Investigations has been undertaken and squads are been put to work.

My Request to the People of Ahmedabad. Please stay at home . Please maintain peace and don't react to this cowardice act of terrorists. "Yesterday they did it in Bangalore. Today in Ahmedabad" They want us to react on these incidents. We as Indians need to prove ourselves even in case of crisis. So please maintain peace. Support the Police and Government. Don’t create panic and please don’t spread rumors.

Note : This blog post is continuously Updated with authentic info from various indian news websites and tv channels.

News / Updates on Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts :

"An NSG team has been rushed to Ahmedabad. "

A little-known Terrorist group -- the Indian Mujahedeen -- had telephoned a television station and accepted responsibility for the Bomb Blasts in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad blasts - local control room number in Ahmedabad 256 301 00 6900