Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Google Adsense video ads now in India

Google has launched Video ads in India. Now any Indian Adsense user can put Video ads on his blog / website.

MNI has put up a Horizontal Video bar on top

Clicking on Any of the videos will open Video Player which has Google Adsense ads embedded in it.

How to add Google Videoa Units Ad on blog or website ?
Step 1 : Login into your Google Adsense Account
Step 2 : Click on Adsense Setup
Step 3 : Find ' Video Units' - Add YouTube partner's video content to Your Website, and earn extra revenue.

Step : 4 Find ' I understand and agree that as part of the Video units program, I will be receiving non-advertising video content in addition to advertising content, and that all content received and payments made to me through the Video units program are subject to the AdSense '
Check that box and Click on 'Get started with Video Units'

Step : 5 Submit your Youtube login to use Google Adsense Video ads on your website. IF you don't have free Youtube account yet , register it.

Step 6 : Submit the required details.

Step 7 : Done. You can create code for Videos ads that you feel is best for your website / blog.


At 13 November, 2008 15:53 , Blogger Ramendranath Sahoo said...

It is good for AdSense publishers to make much money with video units. Helpful article. Thanks
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