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Genelia De souza - Imran khan rock in the Movie Jaane tu Ya Jane Na

Pic : .... Cool Gang of Jaane tu Ya Jane Na ....

Genelia De Souza Rocks ! Simply Rocks ! Some One Might have a impression that The Movie will be around Imran Khan as his MAMA Aamir Khan is Launching him .. But What I felt is that Genelia De Souza got more scenes ( Importance ) In the movie. And she rocked ! When we have seen many debutant actress doing all nakhras , Genelia is a natural actor. It was only in the mid of the film , my sister told me that this is not her debut movie.

Let me give my version of review of the Movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is worth the hype created. The Best Part of the movie was the casting. No big Casts , A mix of new youngsters and some talented actors like Paresh raval , Ratna Pathak , Naseeruddin shah , Jayant Kripalani . Everyone gave justified the role they got in the movie.

I loved the characters Aditi ( Meow ) played by Genelia and his Brother Pratik Babbar ( Amit ). Pratik Babbar the talented son of Late Smita Patil really impressed. I haven't Appreciated Imran Khan yet ? Let me. The Guy has really made a confident debut in the Bollywood. While Every new debutant Enters the Silver Screen of Bollywood with Big Guitar and want to impress everyone with his dancing skills , Imran chose the different way. He is soft romantic guy , Loves to be called Fattu - Darpok in his debut movie. I believe that the guy can do well in action movies as well.

The Chemistry Between Actress Genelia D'Souza and Imran Khan is superb. Jaane tu lacks good Dialogues which little bit disappointed as the expectations were more from Abba Tyre wala who made every one laugh and cry with his dialogue in the movie , Lage Raho Munna bhai. Story of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is common. Mixture of Dil chahta hai , Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai , Meine Pyar Kiya , DDLJ , as some of my friends believe. But still it impress me.

Ya Ya Ya. Let me Praise Ar Rehman Sir. Now I have started believing that he is the no.1 Musician in the Industry. Ek se Ek compositions kaha se leke aate hai. Can You believe it I listened tot his song " Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindgi mein " almost 8 hours combined in last 48 hours. I am just loving it.

Targeted at Young Indian Collegians , Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is a must watch Movie if you are fan of light Romantic Movies. Watch out !



At 09 July, 2008 18:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also loved the movie!!!

It's truly outstanding.


At 05 December, 2011 13:47 , Anonymous online fm radio station said...

awesome song and one of my favorite.


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