Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tata nano Comes to Sanand , Gujarat

Finally. Tata has Chosen Sanand , A Rural area near Ahmedabad in Gujarat as a Mother Plant for TaTa Nano Car. Congrats to the People of Gujarat and The Government of Gujarat.

Me , Being a Gujarati feeling Proud at this Moment.

The World Saw How Gujarat is enthusiastic , committed and Cooperative to the Development. To the National Spirit.

Today when I read the news in Local Gujarati news papers , that the TATA NANO is Coming to Ahmedabad I felt that all the credit goes to the Very cooperative and visionary Gujarati public along with the Great son of Soil Shree Narendra Modi and Shree Ratan Tata for setting up TATA Nano Plant in Sanand , Gujarat.

When Asked Why Gujarat , Ratan Tatas said in the Interview to the Times now that ' We are very Impressed with the Ability of Narendra Modi.

This is going to help local vendors , automobile industry , unemployed people will get jobs , and the land price in Sanand will grow.

This is really a win win situation for all the Parties. I love the Way Ratan Tata Spoke in Gujarati i.e. ' Aapne Ahiya naj Chhiye '.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Br Paras Shah

If Doctor Paras Shah can be called as Dr. Paras Shah
If Engineer Paras Shah can be called as Er. Paras Shah
Then why not Call Blogger Paras Shah as Br. Paras Shah [:D]