Friday, February 12, 2010

Here Comes Google Buzz

While the world is still wondering what is Google Waves, here comes " Google Buzz ". First when I heard about it , thought it might be some bookmarking feature like Its only after i used it , I realised that Google buzz is nothing but Facebook + Twitter - Limitations of FB and Twitter + User friendly ness.

I have started Buzzing and I am enjoying it. Google Buzz is getting criticism as well. One of the common criticism is ,"Google Buzz is not original. It has bundled up various features in one. True. But Google is not claiming it to be Innovative product of the year. Even "Google Search" is not original. WebCrawler, infoseek, Lycos, AltaVista, Excite, Inktomi, Dogpile, HotBot, ask jeeves were already there before Google search was launched. And look who is Market Leader today ?

Same is the case with Gmail , and Gtalk. they are not original either. But we do use it regularly.
Funda is simple. It will work , if it makes life easy.

Some friends turned of "Google Buzz" Because they were irritated by continuous buzz updates in their GMail inbox. But there is a way you can stop receiving it.

How Google Buzz is Different from twitter ?

(1) First of all Twitter is all about expressing yourself with 140 characters with text message. While there is no such limit there for Google buzz. Your Buzz is your Blog Post. Post text , Post Photos , Get comments.

(2) When you send message to particular person on twitter using @userid, all your followers see it. Such is not the case with Google Buzz.

(3) You can Edit your Buzz as well as comments but not Tweet.

(4) All your tweets can be either private or public. Thats not the case with Google Buzz.

(5) Google Buzz Has A separate Profile Page and it is way better than twitter profile.

(6) On Twitter, Your Twitter ID is your Display Name. The user id "Paras Shah" was already taken on twitter when i joined it. Hence I Created id like "seoparas". That is not the case with Google Buzz. I am able to display my name "Paras Shah" though my GMail id is not the same.

Of course there are some flaws with Google buzz. It is just 2 days old, and gathering people's Feedback to make important changes and adding some new features.

The most Important reason why I will be active on Google Buzz , is because My friends are there. My Network is there. Most of them never understood what twitter is all

about. Even after joining it , they could not understand it much. And they all are getting active on Google Buzz.

Will I leave twitter ? Nah. I have made a good friends on twitter and I love interacting with all.

What do you think about Google buzz ? Please comment.