Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gujarati Social Networking Website :

Sanket Joshi, Son of Veteran Gujarati poet Anil Joshi has created a Gujarati Social Networking Website, ( Powered with opensource platform 'NING' ). It is delighting to see someone setting up a website where Gujarati speaking netizens including hobbyist  amateur and professional writers and poets come together. I just created account on it as one friend insisted me to do so. While I am not avid literature follower, I love writing and conversing in my mother tongue. is just launched and it has 2000+ members in a month thanks to systematic one to one marketing done amongst Gujarati community on Facebook. While the initiative is noble, and creator should be applauded for that, I feel they need to work very hard on user interface, and quality content flow. It has to have some USP in order to retain old members and attract new members. Let's hope that the website will be improved with the time and people will start posting quality content :)  Best Wishes to Sanket Joshi and his team :)


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