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Top B schools of India - Indian bschool rankings

Which are the Top indian bschools ?
Is IIM Bangalore better than IIM Ahmedabad ?
Which MBA Institute is having better placements than XYZ Institute of Management ?

These are the common questions being asked and discussed among MBA aspirants around India. Various Indian Business Magazine like Business Word , Outlook have been publishing Rankings of India's Best B-schools for long time. While they rank the mba institutes on various parameters like Placements , Infrastructure , Industry Interface , Research papers published by the faculty members etc. ,, India's largest online MBA community launched perception based Indian Business School Rankingson 18th november 2007 , The CAT 2007 day.

The B-school Rankings survey takes 76 Indian b-schools and compares each one of them with every other. With traffic of over 2 lakh users each month on, this is expected to be the biggest b-school survey ever conducted in India. MBA aspirants as well as current MBA students are asked to take the survey on The survey has 50 questions like "Which one of the following two b-schools do you think is better?". The respondents will have to choose the best bschool amongst two in all 50 questions. We can hope that this will be a better ranking for Indian bschools that can help MBA aspirants to take the right decision.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Access Microsoft Office 2007 free online.

As I said in previous post Sabeer bhatia has finally launched his latest venture. "Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia on Wednesday launched a software product called Live Documents, which he claims has all the features of Microsoft Office 2007 and is available online for free. Live Documents will give you the same experience of Microsoft Office 2007 -- which costs USD 400-- for free online," Bhatia told reporters here. " More.


How to Save your online accounts from hackers

Internet started in India in 1995. From beginning there has been drastic change. Lots of development has taken places.
Lakhs of websites & various technologies are created. Even today internet is mostly used for email & chatting. Whether a school going kid or corporate guy , everyone has email account. But what happens if one day you find that that someone has hacked your account & can send & receive your emails ? if it is timepass account then you may not worry that much , but think of corporate guys who has stored very confidential details in his mail account. Yes. This happens. You may not know that some one is reading all your mails. They are hackers.

How Hackers Hack your yahoo / google / hotmail / orkut account ?
They use various tricks to hack your email/chatting account. one of them is Using hacking softwares. There are no. of softwares available on internet using which you can crack someones email/chatting account.
all you need is just to provide email address. & the software will provide you passwords of such accounts.

2nd way to hack the account is to use cookies. They send you some links with attractive title which may pursue you to click the link. Once you click that link , you have become victim of fraud. Jut by clicking that suspicious link you are transferring your user name & cookies details to that hacker. after getting these details he do no need password also. he can have access to your account just by this cookies.

3rd is the very smart way of hacking someone's account. Hackers create exactly same type of website with same graphics. & send that link to you. for example. someone wants to hack your orkut account. he will make a website like & Send you fake email that We are orkut. Please login by clicking here else your account will be terminated. You may not notice that extra "R" in the website name , & click on the link. you try to login on that website by giving user name & password details. You feel that its a Orkut website. But it is not. thus they get your account details & hack your account.

Some safety Measures / tips to save your account from being hacked.

(1) Don't click on Suspicious links. even though it is given by your best friend. In order not to transfer your cookie details.
(2) When you are filling login details please make it sure that it is the same website. check the website name properly. in order to save yourself from fishing websites.
(3) Never choose the option "Remember me" in email or forum websites when you are using net from other's places for eg. Workplace , cybercafe , friend's home.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail & is Back with his new venture

"I think the soul of an entrepreneur is to keep trying until you find the successful idea." - Sabeer Bhatia

Sabeer Bhatia , founder of Hotmail and a serial entrepreneur having invested in over half-a-dozen ideas is back again with his new venture. After selling Hotmail to Bill Gates' Microsoft Corporation , Sabeer Bhatia launched few more dot come ventures like , a social networking website and was flop product earlier and Sabeer bhatia had to shut it down due to the lack of right team. But recently he relaunched it as Indian Travel Portal.

Sabeer bhatia has not disclosed anything about his latest venture. Can you guess the Product ?

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Indian Video advertising portal

You are watching your favourite Television programme and the Host announces a commercial break. Within a few seconds you will switch to other channel. You are that type of people who don't want to watch advertisements. But there are people who don't want to miss a single video advertisement on the television channels. They might be those who want to be get updated about various product offerings in the market or They may be the advertising guys.

If you fall in 2nd category , I have good news for you. Chennai based PixelKraft has launched an Indian advertising portal that amalgamates Advertisement videos seen on television channels in India. The advertisements are classified into various categories like Apparels , Auto Accessories , Bikes , Building Materials , Cars , Computers , Corporate , Courier service , Detergent , Educational Institutions , Fashion Accessories , Financial services, Food & Beverages , Health & Wellness , Holidays , Home appliances , Home entertainments , Hotels & Resorts , Household Products , Personal Care , Portals , Radio , Social Service & Telecom. ( largest advertising, media and marketing sites in the world ) has got a great collection award winning TVCs from the Indian as well as international arena. You need to pay for that. But is first of its kind free video advertisements portal in India.

Now , You have no reason to search Indian advertisements videos on Youtube.
Njoy !

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

CAT 2007 analysis , solutions and cutoffs for IIM

CAT 2007 is finished. Lots of MBA aspirants are looking for CAT 2007 analysis , cutoffs , answer keys and solution for all the 3 sections namely Quant , LR-DI , Verbal. All the Leading CAT Coaching institutes of India are busy in making detailed Cat analysis , solution & section/overall cutoffs for IIMs and various Top bchools of India. Here I am presenting you analysis of CAT 2007 1st impression.

CAT 2007 - First Impression

  • Overall, difficulty level is higher than that of CAT 2006.
  • Quant is much tougher than CAT06 QA. Cut-off is expected to be lower than that for CAT 2006.
  • Logic & DI section is calculation-intensive. Cut-off is expected to be lower than that for CAT 2006.
  • Verbal reasoning questions (like FIJ) not there. Verbal is at the same difficulty level as that of CAT 2006
  • DS has come back in a big way – in both QA and Logic & DI sections
  • Grammar and Paragraph-forming questions have made a come-back.

Cut-offs – First impressions

QA – Around 20
Logic & DI – Around 28
Verbal – Around 20
Overall – Around 90

( courtesy - T.I.M.E. : Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.)

Fore More , please visit Official Websites of CAT coaching Institutes :-
CAT 2007 Analysis By Time Click Here.
CAT 2007 Analysis By IMS Click Here.
CAT 2007 Analysis By PT Click Here.
CAT 2007 Analysis By CL Click Here.

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