Friday, November 23, 2007

How to Save your online accounts from hackers

Internet started in India in 1995. From beginning there has been drastic change. Lots of development has taken places.
Lakhs of websites & various technologies are created. Even today internet is mostly used for email & chatting. Whether a school going kid or corporate guy , everyone has email account. But what happens if one day you find that that someone has hacked your account & can send & receive your emails ? if it is timepass account then you may not worry that much , but think of corporate guys who has stored very confidential details in his mail account. Yes. This happens. You may not know that some one is reading all your mails. They are hackers.

How Hackers Hack your yahoo / google / hotmail / orkut account ?
They use various tricks to hack your email/chatting account. one of them is Using hacking softwares. There are no. of softwares available on internet using which you can crack someones email/chatting account.
all you need is just to provide email address. & the software will provide you passwords of such accounts.

2nd way to hack the account is to use cookies. They send you some links with attractive title which may pursue you to click the link. Once you click that link , you have become victim of fraud. Jut by clicking that suspicious link you are transferring your user name & cookies details to that hacker. after getting these details he do no need password also. he can have access to your account just by this cookies.

3rd is the very smart way of hacking someone's account. Hackers create exactly same type of website with same graphics. & send that link to you. for example. someone wants to hack your orkut account. he will make a website like & Send you fake email that We are orkut. Please login by clicking here else your account will be terminated. You may not notice that extra "R" in the website name , & click on the link. you try to login on that website by giving user name & password details. You feel that its a Orkut website. But it is not. thus they get your account details & hack your account.

Some safety Measures / tips to save your account from being hacked.

(1) Don't click on Suspicious links. even though it is given by your best friend. In order not to transfer your cookie details.
(2) When you are filling login details please make it sure that it is the same website. check the website name properly. in order to save yourself from fishing websites.
(3) Never choose the option "Remember me" in email or forum websites when you are using net from other's places for eg. Workplace , cybercafe , friend's home.

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