Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top B schools of India - Indian bschool rankings

Which are the Top indian bschools ?
Is IIM Bangalore better than IIM Ahmedabad ?
Which MBA Institute is having better placements than XYZ Institute of Management ?

These are the common questions being asked and discussed among MBA aspirants around India. Various Indian Business Magazine like Business Word , Outlook have been publishing Rankings of India's Best B-schools for long time. While they rank the mba institutes on various parameters like Placements , Infrastructure , Industry Interface , Research papers published by the faculty members etc. ,, India's largest online MBA community launched perception based Indian Business School Rankingson 18th november 2007 , The CAT 2007 day.

The B-school Rankings survey takes 76 Indian b-schools and compares each one of them with every other. With traffic of over 2 lakh users each month on, this is expected to be the biggest b-school survey ever conducted in India. MBA aspirants as well as current MBA students are asked to take the survey on The survey has 50 questions like "Which one of the following two b-schools do you think is better?". The respondents will have to choose the best bschool amongst two in all 50 questions. We can hope that this will be a better ranking for Indian bschools that can help MBA aspirants to take the right decision.


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