Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lage Raho Munna Bhai : Movie review

They Are Back. Munna Bhai & Circuit. They dont have jadu ki jhappi this time but Gandhigiri. Don't think that I mispelt it. Yes Its Gandhigiri ( Ethical Dadagiri ). Munnabhai ka naya style Inspired by Gandhi bapu.

How is it ? Is it at par with part-1 ?
I would say its better than part-1. However I will not call it sequel. This is different one. Only 2 characters are same i.e. Munnabhai & Circuit. This movie is about love , finding gandhi in all of us , laughter , emotions , social messages. Yes. Everything is there. So those who think that only Shahrukh or Sex can sell a movie , they are wrong. They need to watch "Lage raho Munna bhai". The main thing is that , This movie conveys many social messages in such a way that it touches the heart of the audience. You will not be bored in a single scene. Full marks to the director , the script writers , dialogue writers, actors , & technicians for making such a great and original movie.


Sanjay dutt & Arshad Warsi have done great job again. I thought this is best performance ever by Sanjay Dutt , When I saw Munnabhai MBBS but this time he has performed even better than the previous part. He is just marvelous. Original Acting. I can not imagine any other actor playing role of Munnabhai. ( Future ki har sequel me Sanjubaba hi chahiyeh. warna waat laga dunga.) Circuit rocks again. Boman Irani was seen in less scenes this time. But his performace is good this time too. We have Diya Mirza , Jimmy Shergil as free sample products with main cast. Abhishek bachhan is also there in guest appearance. Vidya Balan looks gorgeous…….Ahh…what an actress!!

When I heard few songs of Lage raho Munnabhai before watching the movie , I didn't like them that much. But after watching it, When I came back to home , songs are on my lips. The songs are picturised exactly the way the film needs. Vande Mataram Song by Sonu Nigam touched my heart. Pal Pal Har Pal by Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghosal is anoher good song. Bole to jakkas hai. Background score is also fine.

Award Milega ya nahi Milega ?
They won heart of audience Is there any bigger award other than this ? I saw how people laughed at every scene. They cried when that scene showed on the screen when apna munnabhai apologized to circuit. Pure fun. Complete Family Entertainer.

Haven't u booked your ticket yet ? What are you waiting for……?? Mamu jaldi karo. Don't miss it. Apun ne Ek baar Dekh liya , Fir se dekhne ja rahela hu. Bole to " Lage Raho Munnabhai "

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