Friday, April 10, 2009

Google Lok sabha election 2009 updates

To get the Indian Voters equipped with all the important information Google India, in association with Hindustan Times Media, has launched an online portal , which showcases a wide range of information pertaining to the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections. The website is available in 2 languages. (1) Hindi and (2) English.

At present the Website has following Features :-

(1) Personalistion : Voters can personalise the page according to his or her Constituency. Once the Indian Voter submits his or her Constituency , he will get list of MP in 2004 from his constituency. The user can also see development data for his or her constituency.

(2) Quotes from Leaders : This section provides Latest Election Quotes or Statements given by Political leaders during lok sabha election 2009 .

(3) Election News , Blogs , Video :- This section shows all the news blogs and videos pertaining to to lok sabha election 2009

(4) Find your polling booth details : BY submitting Your name and city , you can get the booth details.
However this feature is available to selected cities . Namely Mumbai , Delhi , Nagpur , Pune , Bangalore and Kolkata.

(5) MP profiles : This is the best amongst available features. The MP profile shows Education record , Criminal Record , Financial details ( Assets and liabilities ) , Parliamentry performance , ( Attendance in parliament , Debates participated in , Questions asked )

In this initiative Google has partnered with following research companies who have provided authenticated data for this portal :
the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) , Indicus Analytics is India's premier economics research firm , The Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy (JCCD) , The Liberty Institute , PRS Legislative Research.