Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ladakh confluence 2010 cancelled

We booked the tickets three months back. We are done with shopping and all train ticket booking. We were to leave for Ladakh day after tomorrow and today got the news that Ladakh confluence 2010 has been canceled due to unfair protest from some local bodies there.

The Confluence 2010 was a festival of music, culture, peace , art and love. The ladakh confluence was supported by the J&K Tourism Ministry and the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), WWF, Local NGOs, hotel owners and tour operators.

Some local bodies called All Ladakh Tour Operators Association (ALTOA) and the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) lead by same individual made the useless allegation that they oppose the Confluence because of “Drugs, western culture and rocking music”. The so called rebels threatened the WWF people, organisers and their partners. They also have even threatened violence on the days of the festival, endangering the safety of our visitors and performers.

What I don't get is why the hell they are protesting against such a great event which would have create business opportunity for them.

Heart Broken :( :( :(

Update :-
It has been 2 months since we are waiting for our refunds. The way confluence organizers have treated us as if we are beggars and asking for some chanda. Lesson Learnt . Never pay in advance for any event. Specially online. And if you pay you must know to whom you are paying. It was foolish to pay in advance to Confluence team without knowing who all are there in the team. It was also foolish of supporting them to sign a petition to government to pay us refund. We never paid to government. We paid it to confluence organisers.