Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Orkut Profiles to be Integrated in Google Search results

As a part of its cross-promotion strategy, Google is going to Integrate Orkut with Google Search results. Thats what I can make out from this screen shot.

Abhishek shah a friend of mine when searched for the keyword "ICFAI" , found his Orkut Profile in the Google Search Result. He is an MBA from Icfai Business School ( IBS - Gurgaon Campus ) , and have the " ICFAI " Related keywords in his Orkut Profile.

I tried to search For the Same but didn't get the success. May be its a testing mode for this feature right now.

Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt talked of Integrating Orkut into Google Search Few Years back. Schmidt commented that “One of the problems with search is you can’t find people,” But Finally they are testing the feature and will roll out soon.

I think this integration will be limited to Personal Profiles only. Integrating Orkut Scrap Book or Community Discussions will not be a right thing as they are full of Spam.

Are You on Orkut ?
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Those who are concern about privacy can go to Privacy Setting and choose "hide information" option.

What's Your Opinion about Orkut's Integration into Google Search ?