Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kevi Rite Jaish - Review

Much awaited urban Gujarati film "Kevi Rite Jaish" released yesterday at few multiplexes and single screen theaters across Gujarat. While the team KRJ is trying hard to release the film in all theaters across the state, those who have screened are already making money as shows are going HOUSEFULL. Seeing the response of public, more and more multiplexes are making screens available for "Kevi Rite Jaish".

I went to watch it today noon at Cinemax - Redcarpet @ SG highway Ahmedabad and as a pleasant surprise I found a Que there and everyone was demanding ticket of KEVI RITE JAISH. When My turn came, only 10 seats were left. I bought ticket for one and entered the theater to find packed hall with audience of all age. Kevi rite jaish has excelled in all departments and their efforts are paid well when you see audience shouting , laughing and clapping in the hall. Way to go !!!

What I liked in the movie ?
- Awesome music and Background score.
- Awesome acting by each and everyone. Kenneth desai, Divyang thakkar and Jay Upadhyay just rocked !!!
- Cinematography. Love the way they shoot my city AHMEDABAD.

How many stars from my side ?
Honestly speaking I don't know how to review like a film critic and  give stars :P What I can say is.... Go and watch it. It is worth. Infact I am going to watch Kevi rite jaish one more time with my family.

Showtimes for Kevi rite jaish

Review by others :

- KEVI RITE JAISH Urban GUjju FIlm Nu Postmortem by Aditi
First Half Funnny .Second Half Mix(funny+emotional) overall superb Packaging..& SPECIALLY Great Mixer of Language.. Totallly ''Maari KINDNA BHAASHAAA'' It is .. Going for GOLD TICKET RATING (3.5/5) Today I M Feeling Proud to do POSTMORTEM of URBAN GUJJU FILM :)

- The moment we parked the car and paid for the parking ticket, the security guy curiously asked, ‘Gujarati film jovaa aavya chho ne?” (Have you come to watch Gujarati film), we nodded in acquiesce. The gleam of his eyes was perhaps the glimmer of hope that ‘Kevi rite jaish’ directed by Abhishek Jain offers to Gujarati cinema.

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