Friday, December 30, 2011

Ahmedabad Marathon 2011 in photos

Last year I missed it. But this time I made it sure that I am running for Ahmedabad Marathon. Me and some friends registered for 7 km Ahmedabad Dream run. The marathon category with shortest distance :D Though it was Dream RUN it was mix of run+walk+photography. We reached the marathon venue, at the exact time the run was about to start. We saw huge crowd on the ground cheering, shouting, enjoying. Djs playing patriotic songs & creating the MAAHOL. Being a photographer, you are expected to carry camera to such events and share the moments with others. So Here I go.......

Photo : We salut the spirit of Amdavad ( Ahmedabad )

Photo : A banner showing Direction to partipants of "Ahmedabad Dream run"

Photo : A band of kids playing music on the other side of the road

Photo : I succeeded in taking a candid pic of Marathon runner at Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : School kids displaying the SMILEY and SMILES :)

Photo : The confident special participant of Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : A female santa distributing sweets and gifts to child during Ahmedabad Marathon 2011

Photo : Dhum Dhum Dhum

Photo : Many anna supporters were had participated in Ahmedabad Marathon 2011
They used this event to spread awareness by wearing the cap "Hu Anna chhu" ( I am Anna ) and waving Indian flag

Photo : The tired participants getting relaxed

Photo : Senior citizens participant

Photo : Found Rj Dhvanit from Radio Mirchi taking bytes from Participants.

Photo : Medican van was put by Ahmedabad municipal corporation to distribute glucose water and provide immidiet first aid services to participant during marathon

Photo : Young marathoners taking rest

Photo : The DJ party after Marathon

IPS and Mount Everester Atul Karval motivating the Special participants of Ahmedabad marathon 2011

Photo : Rj Megha from Radio Mirchi

Photo : Getting relaxed after Marathon.

This was my first ever marathon experience and I enjoyed it. Next year I am planning to register for Half Marathon. Hope so :D