Monday, January 04, 2016

Delhi's Odd-Even Rule. Let us appreciate the idea.

Many people have not only criticized but ridiculed odd-even vehicle formula being applied in Delhi. What I believe is, Delhi govt lead by Kejriwal and team had some new way to tackle the pollution situation no matter how ridiculous it may seem to us. Now, we only share quotes like.....'A new problem requires new solution'. When someone wants apply new solution, why it must not be given a try ? The govt itself said that it is a temporary experiment and if doesn't work, will roll-it back. Even if the idea fails or any chaos is created, at-least take a break and think you they trying out something. If not this then other idea may work. If not other then another idea would work.

If you have a better idea then get it heard and implemented. I will give thumbs up to Kejriwal team for this particular matter. (I am BJP voter)

For once let us put aside Kejriwal, his party, Delhi  and think about  our own city. Global warming is not an outside voice, it is an echo of our own sound which is gonna haunt us. While writing this I am just counting how much damage I may have made to the environment till now and what course of action I have taken till now to compensate it ? Some ideas require public participation. We have been part of problem. Let us be part of solution. Support the good initiatives taken with good intentions regardless of the political party you support. Critisize them for their wrongdoings but support them for good things they do. Cheers !!!


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