Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zarvani Trekking pics - Zarvani Camp Site at Rajpipla, Gujarat

Few days back I got an email from a friend about a trekking camp being organised at 'Zarvani ', an eco camp site in Rajpipla, Gujarat. As soon as i saw the attached Brochure , I decided to join the camp. My self and 2 others friends from Ahmedabad left for Zarvani camp site on 13th noon and arrived back yesterday. With this Trip , the Jinx has broken. During past few months many of my planned trips were canceled due to one or other reason. Some of them includes Ladakh , Thailand , Goa, Diu and Saputara. Sharing with you some pics of my first ever trekking camp.

Zarwani water fall : 1.5 KM from Zarvani camp site
Though the bathroom facilities were available at camp site , we preferred to take bath under waterfall . After all you don't get such opportunities everyday. Isn't it ?

Sometime we had to walk on rocks. Some times we had to walk into the water. It was fun.

This is the View from Zarwani Campsite. We went to the bottom and climbed the mountain back.

This is the place where we stayed.

Location :- Zarvani campsite is situated in the Narmada District. It is 28 kms from Rajpipla towards Kevadia Colony at the Narmada Dam site.
Distance from Ahmedabad: 225 Kilometers

Food :-
Various groups of local villagers have been formed to look after tea , breakfast , lunch and dinner arrangement for tourists. We were served Dal , kadhi , rice , khichdi , roti , gud. All basic things. Food was pretty hygienic and good enough. Though It is better to carry some packaged food.

Accommodation :-
Zarvani camp site has 2 dormitory which can accommodate 10 people at a time each. Zarvani is a eco camp site which uses electricity generated by using solar energy. And this can be used only for lanterns. Charge you mobile batteries fully before you reach the Zarwani camp site as no power supply is available there. Same is true for Photographers. Do charge your camera batteries fully and carry extra battery.

Over all it was a wonderful experience.