Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Famous Orkut Communities Being Hacked

" Hi I hacked your Account & removed all scraps from your Scrap book " Lots of space & one more Message like
" Hey Don't worry , I made you fool ".

You Might have experienced this scene on Orkut. Your Friend might have made fun of you by sending these types of scraps . But now it is actually happening on Orkut. Lots of Indian Communities are being hacked . Discussion is going on Orkut

I have reason to trust this because I m one of the victim. Some one deleted all my blog feeds from my orkut profile. Hope Orkut will take it seriously & take some appropriate action.

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Photo Exhibition in Ahmedabad

Bharkar Dutta , a good friend of mine has organized “A Calligraphy of Light” – an exhibition of photographs, starting from 5th July 07 will remain open till 8th July 07 for everyone from 4 to 8 PM at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Gallery, CEPT Campus, Opp. Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

The exhibition showcases work of five amateur photographers from Ahmedabad in six different categories ranging from shapes and structures to admiring nature; from elements of life to capturing expressions; and from subtle silhouettes to exploring perspectives.

All are Invited.

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