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My MBA admission Story in JAMMAG of Rashmi bansal

My article Published in Indian Youth Magazine JAMMAG run by India's No.1 blogger Rashmi Bansal.

" Paras Shah recounts his experience with MBA entrance exams over the last year .

I graduated in 2005. I was keen to do my MBA outside India. But I left that idea for some personal reason. Being from Ahmedabad, I knew only about BK Institute of Management (through Gujarat CET), a few other local colleges and IIMs through CAT.

In the beginning of TY many of my friends started CAT preparation. But I decided not to give CAT the same year.

Till 12th I studied in Gujarati medium. In graduation I did BBA in English medium. I got 60% in graduation. It was a good score although I expected higher than this.

Now it was time for GCET. Without preparing even for a single day I wrote the exam. Not surprisingly, I got low marks. But better than those of my friends who joined coaching classes, gave mock CATs, CAT 2004, etc.

After some time I heard about some exams like MAT. I wrote MAT in September and subsequently got calls from Alliance Business Academy (Bangalore), NIILM (Delhi), SCMS (Cochin).

I was happy that I got a call from Alliance Business Academy, because I had heard it was one of the best b schools under MAT.

I was relaxed. I did not do any practice for CAT. My dad asked me to join a coaching class. So I enrolled for a ‘crash course’. But I didn’t like it and left it after giving 1-2 mock tests.

The D-Day arrived. I was not prepared for anything. I gave CAT with the mindset that I have nothing to lose. I attempted very few questions and again not surprisingly got a poor score.

I also gave other exams such as NMAT (for NMIMS), SNAP (Symbiosis) , IBSAT (ICFAI Business School).

On 1-1-2006, I got call letter from ICFAI Business School. What a great start for the new year.

Now I had calls from two decent business schools. I had no hope from CAT.

Meanwhile, the SNAP & NMAT results came out. I didn’t get a call from either. After that I wrote XAT. Got calls from Amity, IBA, many other unknown schools.

During this time period I came to know about the CTC (Cost to Company) concept, recognition of AICTE, and the reality of Indian bschool rankings by surfing pagalguy.com & JAM Editor Rashmi Bansal's blog (http://youthcurry.blogspot.com).

After speaking to Rashmi, a few friends on pagalguy.com, and my college friends, I came to the final decision - I went for ICFAI Business School as it has 3 good branches. (Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon).

I went to Hyderabad for the interview & Micro Presentation. When results were declared I was on the wait-list for ICFAI Business School - Chennai & Pune campus. Finally got into Chennai.

I learnt that the average salary for a grad from this b school is Rs 4 lakhs. Somehow my heart said no. I shouldn’t go for this.

I calculated total cost of study of MBA at IBS Chennai would be close to Rs 9 lakhs including interest. This was a big amount for me. I had to pay all fees through bank loan.

I knew about CTC concept. I thought,”If I get only Rs 15-20 k p.m. in hand after MBA from this college, is it really worth it? I will have to work 10 years at least to cover my fees.”

I explained these things to my family. They said - do what you think is right. Thank God. I am the only son. No one in my family has studied beyond graduation. Doing a MBA will be a big achievement.

I am trying for a better b school by giving all the entrance exams (more seriously) this year.

Asha Amar hai… Hum Hoge Kamyab…. Jai Hind.



At 24 August, 2006 21:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a post graduate diploms in management. Remember that your practical application and practical experience will help you better in the long run than fancy qualification from fancy universities- Make your passion your profession

At 25 August, 2006 23:14 , Blogger Haresh said...

Good that you are trying it again. Our stories are quite similar. Gujarati Medium till 12th --> 59% in BCA --> initially BK/MS were a goal --> CAT-05 - 85%, NMAT - 2280th rank (short by 1 mark for GDPI), SNAP - 94 score but didn't get call because of profile(no work-ex, no extra-curricular) --> trying again this year.
BTW, how's your preparation going on?

At 30 August, 2006 14:22 , Blogger Ginni said...

hey man another CAT aspirant here... Competetion ROcks.. well MbA has a lot of snob value.. that's it... best of luck..

At 30 August, 2006 18:19 , Blogger Vaib said...

Great going Paras!
Main thing at this stage is to keep yourself focused. Just decide one goal, after brainstorming and doing all necessary research, and then just go for it only.

Also, consider all the aspects, as you have done well, regarding salary and bank-loan repayment. It's a really tough thing. I am facing the same problem. Fortunately, my salary is good enough to repay the loan. But that too, will take atleast 3 years to recover completely.

By the way, once you clear the exams with good marks, all that counts is your exposure to the world. And the best bet to get it is by working with some company, maybe a small company that doesn't pay you much money and you might be working there on part time basis. Not only will this make your resume look more or less better, but also this experience will help you build your personality to face interviews and understand the business concepts (your studies) better, which ultimately will help you get a better job after you graduate.

All the best!

At 31 August, 2006 13:35 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@ Hiren :-
I agree with u.

@ Haresh :-
All The Best For ALL National Level MBA Entrance Exams.

@ Ginni:-
Thanx for wishing me good luck. Same to u too also.

@ Vaibhav :-
Thanx for such a very good piece of advice. Keep Serving Gyan to Freshers like me.

At 31 August, 2006 19:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck paras. plz remember that in mba, it's not only the initial package that counts; but also the exposure that u have to good quality peers, faculty and industry during yr MBA. also, the growth after MBA is decent enough. wish u luck for yr exams... gujju chho dost to entrepreneur pan bani shak; ane ena sivay pan biju ghanu badhu ;)

At 10 December, 2006 20:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi paras i am vijay from hyderabad i read ur experience that a good lucky and most important to be a good one for u .

At 13 January, 2007 21:24 , Blogger Unknown said...

hi thanx 4 ur story even mine is almost the same
persuing BBA and im aspiring to be a MBA, my friends gave exam in 2006 but i hv to drop an year and i'll be giving exam in 2007 this year.
i get 70% just.
i'm not as intelligent as engineer students ocourse but have good knowledge of management

just the problem is written test , admission in good b-school

.also as u told avg salary in icfai is around 4lakhs - i.e. 15000-20000pm , so u mean its nt worthy to join that b-school,
beacuse yes that wolud be too less

i used to think admission in icfai would be good enough but this salary criteria is confusing me now.

plz help, also if u have any suggestions about how to do smart work for enterane exams (study material, knowledge about things, etc) please letme know also about any other b-schools (good 1's)

i want to showmy parents n want tht they feel proud on me someday.

and thanx a lot 4 telling ur story.
it relieved me !

At 27 January, 2007 23:10 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@jean :-

Send email to Rahmi Bansal of JAMMAG
. She will surelly guide you. All the Best.

her id is : rashmi_b@yahoo.com

At 31 March, 2011 22:20 , Blogger monish kaushal said...

hey rashmi howz u ?

i need u r help.

I have written a chicket and looking forward to publish it.

can u guide me for tht



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