Thursday, June 21, 2007

Appreciating the Art called Photography

" WOW GREAT SHOT ". This is what came out of my mouth when I saw some great photographs on Flickr. Bloggers use various blog platforms to show their writing talent. same way Photographers use Flickr or Picasa to share their photography work. I searched for more albums on flickr & found really nice work by proefssional photogaphers. I approched some of them through Orkut. I would like to share those nice albums with you with introduction of their owners.

Anirban's Photo Album

"Anirban is a 20 yrs old student from Kolkata, and from his childhood he was fascinated with photography but never got the chance to experience it until a Few of months back i.e. His Father got him a Sony DSC H5 camera on 4th October 2006 and from that very day He is like totally addicted to photography. Now on 13th April 2007 He got a New Dslr Nikon D200... AlthoughHe hasn’t had the chance to get into a photography school till now but he is seriously learning, studying and researching about the subject in magazines, internet and also from Professional Photographers and Photo Bloggers so that hecan improve it this subject.

Anirban believes , a Camera is just a tool but what matters is the Skills and Knowledge and the urge to learn and improve from his mist.

Bhaskar's Photo Album

Bhaskar is an amateur photographer , works in a Biotech company at Ahmedabad. During his childhood He used to play around with his dad’s Yashica SLR camera taking pictures. There had been an exhibition of photographs by students in his university where he contributed few snaps taken by him. All of them fetched him good amount of praise. That was when he first realized that he can be better at it. Later he started participating in different competitions, and received few laurels. That’s how he got interest in the art of photography. Though he experimenst with almost all kinds of photography , what he is interested in now is the landscape…pictures without people. He also love shooting panorama, still life, candid pictures, sunsets, night shots.

The camera that he rely most is my Canon PowerShot S3 IS. Among software, The most challenging aspect of photography for him is to shoot an image precisely as visualized before and the exact effect is reflected in the photograph. The best part of photography is looking at simple things in a different way through the lens.. It gives a chance of revisiting the experience that you had while being behind the camera.

Chandamama's Photo Album

Chandamama is the person who loves to capture between 4 corners and a strong believer in learning curve. Though started clicking 10 plus years ago with point n shoot cameras, due to financial constraints on film procurement and development charges, little experimentation is done. His first camera was borrowed Yashica from friend and later he acquired one (Yashica). Once he had seen through view finder of a Pentax SLR and he immediately fell in love with that piece and bought exact piece (Pentax Z-20, SMC 28-200 KS mount lens) and it is a treasure for him and he still use it. Currently using Canon A520 digital . He is also planning to buy a DSLR.

He is more inclined towards “colorful” shots and landscapes; but also love any thing creative while composing. Do not favor much post processing but He uses Photoshop (for framing and merging photos) if needed.

Paren's Photo Album
Paren an MBA got into photography 3 yrs back. He loves to shoot street life or anything related to people. He owns nikon D70s with few lens. He is also freelancer for Ahmedabad Times.

Shreelesh Kumar
Shreelesh a BPO professional , interested in photography from childhood but He really got hooked on after he bought the Nikon 3700. He bought first SLR Nikon F80 around 2.5 years back. He learnt the basic techniques of composition from noted wildlife photographer H Sathish. After that everything has been by trial and error and by watching others in photo group. He went onto buy Nikon D70s in December 2006. He is part of a group called Bangalore Weekend Shoots on Flickr which like the name suggests goes on shoots on almost every weekend. Shreelesh shoots anything that interests him - portraits, nature, landscape, city, street, etc. and shoot a lot, but He post only select few and the best of the best.

I am planning to make a series of this kind of posts on my blog. Interested Photogrpahers can mail me their introduction & Photo album links at



At 21 June, 2007 14:10 , Blogger Sudhakar said...

Hey thanks buddy :-)

At 24 June, 2007 20:01 , Blogger മഴവില്ലും മയില്‍‌പീലിയും said...

great work

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