Thursday, February 15, 2007

Strange Google Adsense Ads

While the adsense publishers are discussing about Google Checkouts I Discovered another interesting thing.

  • Few Minutes back when typed SEO in Google Search Box , I saw telephone ICON near the Ad title.

  • When Clicked on that Icon , I found following.

Generally when Some one clicks on the ad , the user is diverted to advertiser's website , but in this case he/she provide his/her telephone number to google. Google will call the User. Can we call this Cost per Action ? Will google pay the money to the adsense publishers only when sales is made ?



At 15 February, 2007 15:57 , Blogger Cyberkitty said...

interesting !

At 16 February, 2007 18:34 , Blogger Unknown said...
These are click to call ads by google you may want to check this post. Good find you may be the few ones to blog on it after google actually implemented it.

At 16 February, 2007 23:43 , Blogger Invincible said...

nice observation!!


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