Monday, January 22, 2007

Shahrukh khan's Kaun banega Crorepati Tritya

The Wait is over. Bollywood's King Shahrukh khan is all set for his second inning on Indian Television with Launch of Kaun Banega Crorepati - 3 on Starplus.

Quick Facts about Shahrukh's KBC 3.

- Prasenjit Sarkar is the first contestant of the new season of KBC which is hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. He was the last contestant on KBC 2 which was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. When Starplus planned to start KBC-3, they called him back again to continue his game.

- There will the use of red, amber and blue as against Bachchan's monochromatic blue.
"Bachchan is like a sky for us that's why the colour was blue but main is desh ka lal hoon. (I am this country's darling) so the colour is red," explains Shah Rukh.

-Instead of saying " I want to Quit " , contestants will have to say " Shahrukh , I want to hug you."

- Amitabh Bachhan adressed Computer by addressing it as Computerji. Shahrukh Khan will adress by " Mr. Computer"

- In Kaunbanega Crorepati - 3 , Shahrukh khan will use " Freez Kiya Jaye " instead of Lock Kiya Jaye".

- Big-b used to say "Are you sure ? 100 % confirm ?".
We will hear Shahrukh saying " Kachha Kachha Pakka Pakka "

- Shahrukh Khan will adress the KBC audience with " Mein hu Aapka Dost , More than Host "

- Instead of of saying "Sahi Javab" , SRK will give Highfive to the Contestant.

As usual Many People have comparing SRK & BIG- B. But I don't want to compare them. I just wanna enjoy the Game.

"Not only will SRK be take on Indian televison's most desirable job, when he starts off in January. He also inherits the post from The Legend" - Amitabh Bachchan.



At 23 January, 2007 11:37 , Blogger Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri said...

interesting post..hope like me u too r keeping track of king khans performance... blog more..

At 24 January, 2007 01:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating about KBC. By the way can you tell me how to put video on blog?

At 25 January, 2007 19:40 , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Paras,
This is Himanshu here.I have worked with Mr Basu before for Kamzor Kaadi Kaun and you can check out my blog

Yes,I do agree with your point that SRK cannot be compared with Big B but I know Star and Babu Basu in personal and I know this show will again generate revenues and TRP for Star.

You are blogrolled.Do blogroll me.

Do check out my blog as well.


At 25 January, 2007 19:42 , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Paras,
By the way you have designed good logos for

Keep up the good work.

My blog is


At 26 January, 2007 11:55 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@sabu :-

@Himanshu :-
Hi Himanshu. Thanks for Blogrolling me. Glad to know that You have worked with Mr basu.

Regarding , Comparison Between Sharukh Khan & Amitabh Bachan...

I never said that Shahrukh Can Not Be Compared with Amitabh. I dont think there is any need of comparison here. Though its our human nature so People will compare them. I just wanna enjoy the Game. As we know ,Gone are the days when Stars were the main factor for success of the Movie or Song.

Ofcourse we feel good when Our favourite artist hosting the show. But thr Format of the GAME & Excitement attached with it is one of the important factor.

By the way I am great FAN of Both the Mahagurus of Bollywood.

"this show will again generate revenues and TRP for Star."

I completely agree with you.



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