Monday, December 11, 2006

JAM Engineering College Ratings 2006-2007

Hi Jammers,

Choosing the right college can be a tricky thing. Especially so, when it comes to engineering. Think back to the days when you were in class 12 and running from pillar to post for reliable information.

That is why we at JAM have decided to publish the 'JAM Engineering College Ratings 2006-2007'. We plan to provide comprehensive information on 300 colleges all over India, to guide aspirants in the year to come. It's a challenging task we've set ourselves – we can do it only with your help.

I request each of you to fill out the survey questionnaire for your own college by clicking on this link.

It is slightly long but we need to get all this information to provide accurate ratings.

Unlike any other published surveys feedback from students is a crucial element of the JAM ratings.

So, please do spend 10 minutes of your time on this – and pass it on to at least 5 of your friends and batch-mates (current engineering students and anyone who has completed the course in 2003 or thereafter)

Looking forward to your feedback and support!

Rashmi Bansal
Editor, JAM

P.S. We need 10 student volunteers to help us in conducting this survey –specifically in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi(including NCR), Maharashtra
and Uttar Pradesh.

( I am regular reader of Youth curry blog & , received this email from JAMMAG , and have posted it here for the benefit of Engineering Aspirants. )



At 11 December, 2006 19:57 , Blogger Tej said...

nice info.
keep it up frnd


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