Friday, October 13, 2006

Famex - The Reality Show on SABtv

Fame Gurukul is back as FameX with new Judges , new hosts , new avatar & will be telecasted on SAB TV. Auditions for FameX has Started. Yesterday I gave audition at Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. After standing for 4 hours in the queue, Finally got entry into hall at 4 o'clock in the evening. First they registered my name in their database.Then we were distrubuted in the group of 10. Each Participant was given Unique Id no. with Two Forms.

The Form had various questions like

(1) Why should we pick you ?
(2) What type of Singer You are ?
(a) Bathroom Singer (b) Society-college competition (c) Trained Singer
(3) What is your X - factor ?
(4) Describe Yourself in 10 words.
(5) Have u stayed in hostel ?
(6) Who are Your favourite Singers ?
(7) Do u play any musical instrument ?
(8) Hobbies.

There were 2 rounds.

In 1st round You have to perform in 60 seconds. You can do anything while singing . You can act , You can dance. If you know playing guitar or any other musical instrument then its great for you. If that selector likes your performance in 1st round then only you will be moved to 2nd round.

In 2nd round,audition was done by Palash Sen.Some people were saying that ILA ARUN & Kazi Tauqir were also there as judges in 2nd round. I was not selected. But it was good experience.

For More Info about the show , rules & Dates of Upcoming audition in your city.



At 16 October, 2006 11:54 , Blogger shatadip said...


Thanks for update on Famex auditions.

I am eager to give the auditions for the same. Could you please let me know whether you recieved any unique id from them through sms or just walked in for the auditions?

Roughly how many aspirants were there?

You may please reply at

15 October, 2006 12:24

At 17 October, 2006 21:02 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@shatadip :-


No need to send SMS. I just walked in for the audtions.

There were total 5000 aspirants.

Let me know about experience of FAMEX AUDITION when done.

All The Best Dude.

At 17 October, 2006 22:03 , Blogger shatadip said...

Oh thanks princeparas!

I thought as per the website a registration number from them would be mandatory for participating in the auditions.

But I guess as you said one can directly walkin too!

Were there others with registration codes?

At 17 October, 2006 22:08 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@shatadip :-

Nah Its not mandatory to register through SMS. You DOnt worry about that. There were few guys who were selected through SMS.

But the only benefit they got was that they were not have to wait in the queue. No other benefit. So dont worry. Prepare well & Perform well.
The ywant performer & not only singer.

At 18 October, 2006 00:06 , Blogger shatadip said...

Thanks a lot mate! One more bugging question performace do you mean that I should dance or something too?

I mean I have great confidence in my voice but very bad when it comes to dancing! :-(

At 18 October, 2006 00:57 , Blogger amitsinha said...

hope to see u on tv smtime paras. best of luck.

At 19 October, 2006 12:21 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@shatadip :-

Yes u need to dance in order to be get selected.

But if u select some classical song for audition , then you are not required to dance. Your Singing & expression will work.

Give 100% to get selected.

All The Best.

@amit :-
Thanx dear.

At 20 October, 2006 22:15 , Blogger shatadip said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 20 October, 2006 22:59 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@shatadip :-

If u r great at singing then don't worry. TRY for SAREGAMAPA challenge on ZEE TV.

At 22 October, 2006 01:09 , Blogger shatadip said...

Ya paras was thinking about that and the Indian Idol. The thing is they do not conduct auditions in Bangalore and given my hectic job I cannot go to all the auditions to Mumbai!

BTW any idea when saregamapa auditions might happen?

At 22 October, 2006 12:30 , Blogger shatadip said...

Hey Paras,

In the SAB website they have kept one day for auditions in Ahmedabad and Jaipur but two days for Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai!

I understand that it takes only one day for someone to audition, right?

Maybe expecting more contestants in these cities they have arranged for two days.

Actually I need to plan my trip accordingly!

At 22 October, 2006 14:02 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@shatadip :-

Yes. U got it correct.
There will be more aspirants in Delhi , Mumbai & Kolkata.

And about SAREGAMAPA I will let u know as soon as I come to know about that.

Wish u all the Best !

At 25 October, 2006 13:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

why i dont get
registration number from sms even though i send msg so many times...
how can i get registration no.

write to me pleae

At 25 October, 2006 15:53 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@anil prasad :-

Dude its luckydraw. Only selected numbers will be registered through SMS.

But as i said earlier no need to worry at all. Just go to venue with required documents.

All The Best.

At 26 October, 2006 20:21 , Blogger Parashar said...

Hey Prince,I'm going for my Mumbai audition on the 30th...Please tell me a few things...Who exactly are the judges for the 1st round? Also is singing purely the criteria for selection in the 2nd round? Is it sufficient if one sings well with expressions,good body language etc? How many songs are you required to sing? Do they allow you to sing for the entire 60 seconds or do they cut you off in the middle?

At 06 November, 2006 19:54 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@parashar :-

Sorry dude I could not answer it before 30 october.

Will you please share your audition experience with us?

At 06 November, 2006 21:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

heyyy. Palash sen of Euphoria band is going to be dean of famex 2006 on sab tv.

He is going to replace Ila Arun who was head mistress of Fame gurkul on SONY TELEVISION.

They have changed every thing this time. But I don't think that they will be able to beat saregamapa.
I m saying this on quality bases & not popularity bases. Palash sen is great singer but woh aklea kafi nahi.

SAREGAMA which is being telecasted on ZEE tv has always succeeded in getting high quality legend judges for their show. Ismail Darbar , Aadesh Srivastav , Jatin lalit , Himesh Reshamiya , Jagjeet singh , Alka yagnik , kumar shanu , abhijeet , bappii lahiri , who not.

No one can beat SAREGAMA.


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