Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good domain names are wasted on Blogger

Blogger is one of the best Blogging platforms used by many bloggers around the world. Craze for Blogging is increasing . Thousands of blogs on various topics are created everyday. This is really good thing.

Few days back I tried to create but some one had already registered it. It was expected . Ahmedabad is a mega city & it is very fruitful keyword for SEO. I opened that Ahmedabad blog. The blog was created in June , 2004. It has only 2 posts which fails to make any sense & are no way related to Ahmedabad. This is how good sub domains are wasted on . There are lots of hot domains which were created by some bloggers in early years (2001-2005) & are blank now or with 1-2 introductory posts. I made search of some other important domains like Bollywood , Hollywood , India , Cricket , USA , SEO , Business , Articles , Music , MBA , Poems , Gk , Marketing , Blogging , Finance on blogger & found same issue with them also.

List of some wasted domains on

Every One of us is busy in their routine life , & other activities. We may not find time to post regularly. But wasting a domain like this is not good thing. I request ( blogspot ) to delete such blogs & make some policy regarding this.



At 12 August, 2007 20:43 , Blogger Abhishek Shah said...

good observation, blogger should implement such a filter as in future it could be a major issue...

At 12 August, 2007 21:39 , Blogger Ravi Kapoor said...

you are right buddy!!

i was looking forward to get an authentic domain for my bollywood blog and could not get bollywood.blogspot i added an extra L in bollywood and made it!!

I hope Blogger guys get to see your article..



At 12 August, 2007 23:51 , Blogger Suresh S Murthy said...

I have had this experience also da. I hope that blogger takes care of such incidents. Its a really helpless situation. One can do very little to change it. Isn't it?

At 13 August, 2007 01:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Paras,
Nice thought and article but a couple of thoughts.

a. This is not only a problem with Blogger but also with WP or for that matter any other blogging platform.Hence,this problem cannot be made specific to Blogger(and you have raised it right since,you are on blogger).

b. If you check out David Sirfy's blog(CEO of Technorati),he clearly mentions that nearly 30-40% of blogs die after few months(which means they are not updated) and in that case,the thing that can be done is: A warning mail can be sent to the blog owner and the blog can then be deleted (Just a small idea)...

Also,imagine a case that a blogger updates a blog daily but does not ping the Technorati server , in which case the Blog is stagnated for Technorati but this is not true...Hence,difficult to keep track of such things.

Blogging requires passion,dedication and time which dies down,for some in few days and for some in few months and such blogs should upright be deleted !!!!

-Himanshu Sheth

At 13 August, 2007 02:08 , Blogger Paras Shah said...

@ravi :
I wanted to send email to
But I didnt find their contact details.
I tried but it bounced back.

@suresh :
yes we can only request to make some good policy.

@Himanshu :

a) Yes. thats the case everywhere.

b) Sending a warning mail is what I believe , should do.

At 15 August, 2007 23:35 , Blogger Shubhankar said...

Very enlightening Paras...Although we ought to know that while giving away domains, to brand certain content and/or bloggers unworthy of utilizing that domain name would be unfair & would utterly destroy the freedom & democratization that has made blogging such a powerful force (Bear in mind, had such intellectual rights been applied when Blogging was at its infancy..only specialists would have had blogs...You & I might just have been reduced to reading newspapers..!!)

But one way I can think of to sort this mess out is to delete blogs which havent been updated in a while (Oops..!! I gotta update soon too in that case..!! :D)& then make those domain names available for fresh bloggers once again..!!!

Think about it..!!!

At 18 September, 2007 19:41 , Blogger Pankaj Varma said...

Indeed ... a lot of waisted cool blog names. There should be a way to discard these, and make them available, by means of expiry or something! Rgds, Pankaj (Peter) Varma 91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India

At 02 March, 2009 10:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey really,
they should del these blogs they must have some specified time period or expiry dates

love suman

At 21 May, 2009 11:42 , Anonymous jack said...

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