Friday, August 03, 2007

Orkut Security tip

In recent time lots of Orkut accounts & communities were hacked by some hackers & now Orkut , India's best social networking website is warning their members about this & has provided security tip to save their account from being hacked.

While scraping to one friend , Today I found security tips on Orkut.

Security tip No.1 : Never paste a URL or script into your browser while logged into, no matter what it claims to do.

Security tip No.2: Keep your username, password and personal information secret.

Security tip No.3 : Never check "remember me" when you're on a shared computer.

Security tip No.4 : Change your password regularly.

Security tip No.5: Don't click on links in emails that claim to be from orkut or Gmail.

A dedicated blog on Orkut explains why & how Hackers hack your orkut accounts. click here to read



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