Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tata NANO 1 lakh car

As promised in 2003 , Ratan TATA launched " TATA NANO " a 1 lakh rs. people's car , at on going 9th Auto expo in New Delhi. TATA NANO is labelled as world's cheapest car. The target market for this car will be the indian middle class.

Maruti udhyog , Tata's competitor accepted that Launch of TATA NANO may hurt their market share , but they are not planning to launh product on same line as the idea is not feasible for them. According to maruti it is Motorcycle customer who will look at TATA NANO the 1 lakh car.
Yesterday , another player in the transportation market BAJAJ launched 1.2 lakh passenger car .


At 15 January, 2008 06:14 , Blogger bhattathiri said...

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