Saturday, November 03, 2007

How to Start your own website

"How to start/create Website or Forum ?" asked Rani , a good friend of mine.

This question has been asked many times to me. Here I go .....

Most people who have this type of query fall into one of these two categories:

1. Type - A
Those People who are looking forward to Start a commercial website.

2. Type - B
Those People who are looking forward to Start a family website , hobby website or personal website.

To start a website you need 3 things.
(1) Domain name ( your website address )
(2) Web hosting ( online server where your websites will be hosted. )
(3) Web designer / Website designing team ( who will convert your ideas into website )

Lets understand these one by one.

(1) Domain name :-
Domain name is a virtual web adress of any website. You need to register a domain name so that Your website visitors acces your content.
examples.: , ,

Domain registration charges vary for various suffix like .com , .net , .info , .in
Various Domain Registering firms charge anything between Rs.400- Rs.500 for .com domain .

(2) Web Hosting :-
You need to have online space to upload your contents / website on the internet , so that site visitors can see your content when they visit your website by typing ur website adress i.e Your domain name. Try to Singup for webhosting account only with the web hosting company in your country in order to have better communication when u need urgent help.

(3) Web designers / Web designing team :-
Web designers are the people who will create your content to make it available on your website.They will design the layout of website , they will do the coding , they will update your website when necessary. If you are planning to start commercial or professional website then I recomend you to go for Professional Designers.

More in next post.



At 03 November, 2007 14:09 , Blogger Abhishek Shah said...

thts a useful post and good simple guide for beginners. i was one few months back , so i can vouch for the confusions such first timers go through ! keep it up

At 06 November, 2007 10:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful post paraswa.. *gm* very useful


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