Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Indian Gender Bias : Male vs female

"Excuse me. Please vacate these seats for girls. " one of the female volunteers said to the group of boys. The occasion was inauguration of MBA - Agribusiness ( Ganpat University ). We students of General MBA were also invited to attend the event as many Top level Industry people were coming for the event. One of them was B.S.Shekhawat , Chief General Manager NABARD.

"Sure". We said with a small smile on our face. We stood up & took a seat in "Boys Zone". Not a big deal. But the thing is that .... they were dividing the seminar hall in 2 parts. Girls on the Left side & Boys on the right side. I thought Why are they doing MBA ?

They talk of Woman Empowerment.
They give examples of Indira Nooyi & Sunita williams.

They created chaos at the time of Jaymala - Sabrimala case.

But They themselves are creating gender bias. Irony Isn't it ?

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Agree 100% boss!!!

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